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Top 20 sexiest Welsh women

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There are hundreds of great looking women all over Wales, however we at Singles Dating Wales considered the most sexiest 20 women from Wales deserve a listing on our website, so here they are below :

20.  Marina Diamandis

This half-Greek beauty deserves a place in our top, our opening girl !

19.  Erin Richards

What an attractive smile she has, right ? This blonde actress manage to catch lots of eyes’ attention, got ours as well.

18. Rakie Ayola

A gorgeous lady, the picture says it all.

17. Jemma Griffiths

Jemma is hot. With that « angel » look, this brunette can attract men like a magnet !

16. Kimberley Nixon

This 24-year-old actress can be both naughty and nice.

15. Danielle Bux

She is hot, famous and brilliant. A well-deserved no 15 in our top.

14. Duffy

You could drown in her gorgeous eyes in a minute.

13. Lucy Whitehouse

Are you superstitious ? Lucy surely isn’t, enjoying this place in our top. 22-year-old Miss Wales is just beautiful.

12. Lisa Rogers

Might be one of the most great looking mature woman ever seen.

11. Caroline Sheen

Her face expression is so sweet, isn’t it ?

10. Amy Beth Hayes

This actress looks amazing !

9. Jamie-Lee Williams

Was Miss Wales before Lucy and also she is well placed 4 spots above her. Jamie, you are awesome !

8. Ritzy Bryan

This rebel beauty literally sings for our hearts.

7. Breanne Loucks

She likes golf, we like her. It is a win-win situation, right ? Welcome in our top Breanne !

6. Elisa Beynon

Elisa is elegant, sexy and in the same time one of the most decent ladies we have seen.

5. Nyomi Lenny

One word describing this beauty : glamorous !

4. Katherine Jenkins

With one of the loveliest smiles ever, what other sexy woman could open our best 10 beauties ?

3. Eye Myles

She was so close to get on our sexiest woman first place !

2. Imogen Thomas

She is hot hot hot ! Whether dresses or un-dressed, Imogen surely is in every Welsh folk’s dreams.

1. Catherine Zeta-Jones

You just cannot say there is any Welsh lady sexier than Catherine ! Impossible to be above one of the most beautiful women in the world. Congratulations Catherine, as always, sexy !

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